Staten Island Will Be Getting Its First Women’s-Only Residential Addiction Treatment Facility

Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul paid a visit to Camelot on the grounds of Seaview Hospital on January 24th to announce the state’s plan to develop a 25-bed residential treatment facility on the property exclusively for women suffering from substance use disorders.

“What about the women? What about the fact that we lost 27 women this year on Staten Island,” Hochul said. “It is astounding to know that on Staten Island there is no residential facility for women to go to.”

Camelot operates several drug treatment facilities around the Island. The future women’s facility will be housed on the Seaview Hospital grounds in a separate building near the 45-bed intensive men’s residential facility.

“It was inconceivable that at a time when Staten Islanders are overdosing at least once, if not twice a day, that we do not have a women’s residential facility here in our borough,” District Attorney Michael E. McMahon said. “… But that’s the past and the future begins today as we go forward to have this facility.”

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Staten Island PPS and SIPCW Bupe Detailing Increases Patients Filling Buprenorphine Prescriptions

“The rate of Staten Island residents who filled buprenorphine prescriptions (5.3 per 1,000 residents) was three to five times higher than residents of all other boroughs in 2016” details Epi Data Brief, No. 96.
The Buprenorphine Detailing Campaign, which has positively contributed to the rise in prescribers and prescriptions filled was created through DSRIP Project 4aiii and carried out by the Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness and Staten Island PPS. The detailing campaign was created to help expand the use of medication assisted treatment (MAT) on Staten Island.
“Buprenorphine has been approved for treatment of opioid use disorders since 2002, and is now available by prescription from physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants trained and approved to prescribe it.” The Bupe Detailing Campaign realized early on that providers who held waivers to prescribe weren’t using their waiver, mainly due to stigma around opioid misuse. A toolkit was created with various types of support such as the mentorship program through NYC DOHMH which connects Bupe “champions” with another provider new to prescribing. Many Staten Island providers are now treating patients with substance use disorders already on their panel; incorporating buprenorphine along with other treatments for chronic illness like diabetes, high blood pressures, etc.