We are working together to

strengthen Behavioral Health on Staten Island

Staten Island PPS, The Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness (SIPCW), Staten Island Borough Hall, community and government partners have joined forces to tackle the opioid epidemic and improve the behavioral health of Staten Islanders. Behavioral Health includes our social, emotional, physical and psychological well-being and services address mental health and substance misuse disorders. Explore all of our different Behavioral Health Initiatives below.

Behavioral Health Initiatives

ED Warm Handoff

If you have opioid or other substance use needs and come to the RUMC emergency department, you are connected right away with a Peer Advocate. You are assessed by a medical provider and behavioral health specialist who understands what type of care is needed. Then, before leaving, you are connected to treatment and recovery support resources through SI Connect (24/7 Call Center).

911 Diversion

Coming soon!

Project HOPE

HOPE was developed by the Richmond County District Attorney’s Office in partnership with law enforcement, public health advocates, and community partners. HOPE offers low-level drug offenders direct engagement with peer recovery coaches, harm reduction resources, and connection to behavioral health services in the community instead of going to jail or being prosecuted.

SI Connect (844-877-STAT)

Staten Island Connect is a 24/7 call center built to help connect you to substance use, mental health, and care management services. Professionals can call 844-877-7828 (844-877-STAT) anytime, any day to make referrals and appointments. SI Connect Agents are available round the clock to answer calls from community members and connect them to a care manager and other resources.

Peer Recovery

Peer Recovery Coaches and Advocates are available in various settings like the emergency department, clinics, criminal justice system, and resource centers. When someone comes in with a Substance Use need, a peer is there to guide them through the visit and beyond. Peers have real-life experience and are helping people connect to treatment and support services straight from the ED, criminal justice system, clinics, and other settings.

Behavioral Health Care Continuum 

We are working to make sure that if someone needs access to care on Staten Island, our Behavioral Health providers are available 24/7. You can get the care and support you need through our enhanced continuum of service providers.